Unveiling The Enchanting Magic Of MartVille

  • October 16, 2023
  • 4 mins read
Unveiling The Enchanting Magic Of MartVille

Here at MartVille, we know that a business is more than just a job. It’s something you’re really passionate about, a dream you cherish, and an exciting adventure. That’s why we created MartVille – a special place to help your dreams come true, one sale at a time.

We want to help you understand all the amazing things you can do with MartVille. In this guide, we will show you all the amazing tools available here. Let’s see what they can do and how they can make your dreams a reality!

Online Storefront: Crafting your Online digital presence.

With MartVille, creating your online storefront is a breeze.

Here’s how; on your dashboard, navigate through to store settings, from the  store settings you can:

  • Upload Brand Logo and Header Image: Enhance your store’s visual appeal by uploading your brand logo and header image, making a lasting impression on your visitors.
  • Update Store Details: Click on ‘Store Details’ to keep your brand and business information current and compelling, ensuring your customers get accurate and engaging details about your products or services.
  • Personalize Your Storelink: Customize your store’s URL by selecting ‘Store Link’ (e.g.,, adding a unique touch that reflects your brand identity.
  • Link to Social Media Handles: Strengthen your online presence by connecting your store to your favorite social media platforms. Select ‘Business Details’ to effortlessly link your MartVille store, ensuring a seamless transition for your potential customers.
  • Edit Customer Inquiry Messages: Tailor the messages customers receive when making inquiries. Select ‘Messages’ to edit and refine these communications, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Share Your Storelink and QR Codes: Utilize MartVille’s sharing capabilities. Copy and distribute your custom storelink to reach your potential audience. Additionally, you can download and share your store’s custom QR codes, making it easy for customers to access your store effortlessly.
Custom WhatsApp Links and QR Codes.

MartVille simplifies communication with your customers through custom WhatsApp links and QR codes, from your dashboard, navigate through to links.

From the link page you can:

  • Create Your First Link: Select the option to create a new link.
  • Enter Message Details: Provide the necessary message details that you want to convey to your customers.
  • Customize Your QR Codes: Tailor your QR codes according to your branding and preferences.
  • Generate Your Link: Click the ‘Generate Link’ button to create your personalized WhatsApp link.
  • Utilize Your Link: Once generated, you can copy the link for sharing or download your QR codes for various marketing purposes.
Inventory Management

MartVille helps you keep track of your inventory efficiently, from your dashboard navigate through to inventory.

  • Add Products: Easily input your products into the system, ensuring a comprehensive catalog.
  • Edit Product Details: Refine and update specific product information for accuracy and relevance.
  • Set Availability: Manage the availability status of your products, keeping customers informed.
  • Copy and Share Product Links: Generate shareable links for your products, facilitating seamless promotion and sales.
  • Create Product Categories: Organize your products efficiently by establishing distinct categories, and enhancing user navigation and experience.
Order Management

Managing orders has never been simpler. From your dashboard, navigate through to Orders.

  • View All Orders: Access a comprehensive list of all incoming orders placed by your customers.
  • View Order Details: Dive into specific order information, allowing for a detailed understanding of each customer’s purchase.
  • Track Order Progress: Monitor the progress of orders in real time, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process.

At MartVille, we’re not just a platform; we’re your partner in success. Feel free to explore, experiment, and embrace the journey of transforming your business into a thriving empire.

Thank you for choosing MartVille. Together, let’s redefine the way you do business!

Remember, we’re here 24/7 to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need any help or have questions.


James Kenneth Okeke

Co-founder, MartVille

James, a tech enthusiast and cybersecurity professional.He love creating innovative solutions in the fast-paced world of technology. With years of experience in cybersecurity, James blends technical skills with creativity to develop strong and secure tech solutions.

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